Saturday, April 23, 2011

Arrived in Hong Kong!

I'm finally here! That was a truly long flight. I didn't sleep very much and ended up watching 2 movies and nearly the entire Season 7 of House. Good thing the entertainment selection was good. I think my inability to sleep is due to the anticipation of leaving family and friends behind to move to a new country on the other side of the world to start my first job.

Anyway, the flight was pretty smooth. There was no questioning at the border control. The guy just stamped my passport with lots of stamps, stuck another sticker on it, and basically took up another page of my passport. Seriously need to get more pages. He didn't ask a single question. I did a few more things at the airport before heading to the taxi stand and got a taxi to the YWCA. I think I blend in very nicely here. Everyone thinks I'm a local even though I was moving around 3 big pieces of luggage. They just thought that I'm coming back to HK after a long stay overseas. The taxi driver even asked if I remembered what the place (the YWCA) looked like. Good thing I checked out the area on Google street view. We exited the highway right by my workplace.

Here are some pictures (360 view) of the room that I'm staying in for the next month. It's got a kitchen area with all the basics:

Lots of light in this room. There are two ACs on top of the windows. It's a corner room on the 3rd floor. There is a double bed in the middle of the room with a coffe table to one side.

And a desk on the other side. The bathroom is through that door.

Also a TV. That's the front door.

This is a picture of my bed at home when I was packing.


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