Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've been doing some massive shopping lately. Lena and I went to an outlet mall in San Leandro today. I never knew this existed. I guess I wasn't very into shopping during high school so I really don't know much about the shopping options around here. We went to a Gap outlet, Nordstrom Rack, and an Ann Taylor Factory store.

At the Nordstrom Rack, I got 1 long sleeved black button up shirt, one pair of black pants, a brown fleece, and a pair of Timberland work boots. It took a while to get the right size for the boots. But I'm very happy with the purchase because I've been meaning to get another pair of work boots. The pair that I have has steel toes but is a little too big for me. This pair does not have steel toes but actually I think that other countries are not as crazy about mandating steel toes on job sites.

There is currently a 40% off sale at all Ann Taylor stores. This is very good because we were at a factory store and things are already discounted. So I finally bought a full suit! I even got some button up shirts because they are reasonably priced with all the discounts. Very happy with all the purchases. It was certainly a very efficient morning in terms of spending money! hahaha.

I have been meaning to go to the North Face outlet in Berkeley for some waterproof stuff, namely pants. I think I will need some waterproof stuff in HK when it starts raining a lot. I think I'll convince my parents to take me this Sunday.

I also need to start packing! I only have about a week left before I fly out! I can't believe how fast the time as gone. I haven't even run around Lake Merritt since I moved back home. I think I need to start exercising because I feel sluggish these days. I will need lots of energy during the first couple of weeks in HK. So I should really get into shape.

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YW said...

haha. you're funny. faint? haha...

wow! going to hk? what's it for? oh...maybe i should've read previous posts. haha.

hm...i need to shop for my friend's bridal shower. man...these weddings are becoming a trend these days. haha.