Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Day of Work!

It was not that exciting. In the US offices, you're doing orientation related stuff most of the day. They get everything over with on the first day, which could be information overload. Here, the whole process seems to be slower. I met with HR and we went over my employment contract again. There were some forms for me to fill out. She took a while to explain the two different retirement pension plans that I can join. I swear that we spent a lot of time going over information that isn't very useful. I got handed off to one of the secretaries of my group and she gave me more forms. We didn't do anything about timesheets, marketing, using OvaNet, etc.

It's hard for me to think of my desk as really mine. I've had temporary desks for every internship that it's weird to think that I might actually be using this desk for a while and that I can store stuff here. I think part of it is because my desk was a huge mess when I got there. It had been used as storage for people's project papers. A couple of people came by to claim their stuff when I got there. In the US, IT would set up your computer and phone the day before you arrive so that you can get to work right away. But here, it takes a day for IT to make your account. Luckily, since I asked them to get me my old email back, I was able to sign in with my previous login. The strange thing is that I couldn't get to the intranet. I could see the network drives and go online though. I poke around the network drives and the papers around my desk the rest of the morning because my supervisor was at a meeting.

There are several people on vacation right now so I went out to lunch with 2 other people. We talked about finding housing in HK and they said that if I go further away from the city, I can find bigger places for my budget. They helped me clean out the papers on my desk and then I read some HK geotech guides for the rest of the day. Didn't seem like they were prepared for me coming. Hopefully they will have stuff for me to do tomorrow. Real job, not an intern anymore... So weird...

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