Friday, February 26, 2010

3 more weeks until vacation!

The second half of the quarter always seems to slow down dramatically. A new quarter would start and then two seconds later, you're like, "huh? it's week 4?? what happened to the first few weeks?" And after week 5 goes by, things just seem to drag on. It's only week 8? I thought we'd be done by now! Anyway, next week is the start of week 8. Two more weeks of classes, then finals, and then we're done.

I got my first paycheck today. I couldn't sign onto my timesheets for the longest time and the HR people helped me enter in my hours so I got a check today. Otherwise, things would've been backed up for a while. Money is always nice I guess. Making a lot more here than with my office job back at MIT. But maybe if I factor in the commute... The commute today wasn't bad though. I managed to get on an express train both ways. I slept in the morning and read a book in the evening. The book I had wasn't very good though. Need to find a better one.

Now that spring break is coming up, I really need to think about summer plans. They've always worked out around (during?) spring break. But the places I really want to go, Indonesia and Africa, I haven't even applied for yet. I think I need to spend a good amount of time on applying to stuff this weekend. Not that the Indonesia application is even out yet... I've applied to a small handful of companies for summer internships. Haven't heard back from any of them. It would also be good to work for a company this summer that I would work for permanently. Now that I've done a ton of internships, it's so strange to think about finding a permanent job. A job with no definite end?? So weird to think about.

I think I have a maximum of 4 homeworks left to turn in this quarter. This will probably (hopefully) shrink to three. And then 3 finals, one of which is basically an extended homework assignment. I'm getting really tired here. Can't think of what to write about anymore...

Typical weekend activities:
- copy notes
- attempt homeworks
- clean room: put away papers, clear out desk, vacuum
- clean bathroom, vaccum living room
- laundry
- go grocery shopping
- make food (this week: make bread for lunch and pack dinner in tupperware)
- take care of other things like credit card bills, checking facebook, etc.
- go running