Thursday, February 25, 2010

Long commutes

Got to the office at 3pm today instead of 2pm. I totally knew this would happen. I had a midterm today that ran over so I couldn't make it to the train station in time. I was hoping the midterm would start on time. But the professor decided to read the midterm to us and then let us work on it. She gave us more time at the end because no one was finished. That midterm was way too long. We were all in shock aftewards. Quite a few people from civil engineering is taking that class so we call converged in Blume and talked about it for a while.

It is now Week 2 of working part-time and all of a sudden I'm on working in 3 projects. I now have a backlog of work to do. I feel like I've moved through the "data entry and helping other people with mundane tasks" phase pretty quickly in this internship and is now working on more open ended projects. By open ended I mean that I have to figure out what's going on, do some calculations, and figure out how to present the stuff. This is a lot more interesting but at the same time more scary than, "graph these things on excel for me" type of projects. I just wish I can sit closer to the group. No clue what other people are doing at all. Can't eavesdrop on other people's discussions. Don't even know who leaves when and such. Maybe I'll get the IT guys to set up a desk for me somewhere. Just commandeer a space!

Gotta go to sleep. Will write more tomorrow or over the weekend. Getting up at 6:30am tomorrow to make it to the office by 8:30. Ack. Well, at least there will be bagels...


yalu said...

Well if you are an intern it shouldn't matter where you sit as long as there is room. It costs a lot to move people here mostly because of the phone line. We are all moving seats in July .

X said...

You can't just move the phone to the new location?