Thursday, February 4, 2010

Part time work

Blogging from one of the few (two) computer clusters that I have access to. This morning was a little depressing. I needed to print something in color for my 10am class and I knew that there was a 9am class at the computer cluster that I always use. So I went out for a run at 8am and ran into campus to get my homework printed. Unfortunately, the color printer was being lame and didn't print my homework. So I ended up printing in black and white. And then not only did it turned out that the TA wasn't there to collect the homework, the professor went over some stuff and I realized I did parts of the homework wrong. So after my next class I went back to fix everything. Not sure if the fixed version is entirely correct either but at least it's better than before. The midterm for this class is next week...

Good news was waiting for me when I got back though. The Arup SF geo team got back to me and the supervisor said that they definitely need help. He forwarded my info to the HR person. So hopefully this means I can start soon! I think I want to start on the week of the 15th. I think I will work around 15-20 hours a week, 3 days a week. This will make me busy but I really liked working at their NY office so hopefully the experience will be the same at the SF office. I think I can learn a lot from them since they're working on so many different projects in different locations. The commute will not be fun though. It'll take about an hour and a half each way total. The train ride is an hour but I have to get to and from the station. I think I will need to bike. Maybe even bike to the office. This means I need to fix my brakes.

Over the past few years, the public transportation systems around here have implemented something called Translink. It's basically a card that you load money into to use on the transit systems. The cool thing is that it works on several different systems. I can use it on Caltrain, BART, AC Transit, to name a few. So as long as I use it on one of these systems, I'll never have to worry about having exact change or waiting in line to buy tickets. I can just tap the card on the reader. You can also preload monthly passes or discount tickets. Very convenient. Every time I go on Caltrain, I always worry about not having enough time to buy the ticket and watch my train go away while I struggle with the machine or wait in line.

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yalu said...

Oh that's good! I realized that one thing I miss most about school is that I'm not pushed outside of work - true, work hours blur very much, but once I'm done with work, most of that time goes into traveling, running errands, etc, which are sunk in the end, there are several hours to myself that I feel are not well spent because I don't have something that says "i need to do this". Japanese is coming along, but it's not demanding, you know?

Anyhow, this Translink card sounds cool. New York should get it for their LIRR, NJ Transit, MTA, MetroNorth, least metro card works on the path. But we are still using turnstiles and swiping cards here and MTA has too much debt, so that is not happening anytime soon. You guys have a lot of debt too, but no one over there seems to care about the state going insolvent!