Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Furniture!

Yesterday, I went to Target and got myself a mirror and a bookshelf. I've been wanting the bookshelf for a while now. And now that I'm going to work, I felt the need for the mirror. So I took the Shopping Express shuttle to the mall and got a full length mirror for $6. So cheap! The mounting tape I got for it was almost as expensive.

I hadn't planned to actually buy a shelf since I thought it might be hard to carry back along with the mirror. But I found this one for $10 and it seemed like it would serve my purposes. It's made with very compressed wood, very cheap stuff. But it's made my room look a lot nicer. No more piles of books on the floor. It came in a box so I had this and the mirror under each arm. It actually wasn't bad at all. This might be the first piece of furniture I've ever bought for myself.

Da Mouse says hi.

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yalu said...

wow that is like epic calendar on the background there