Saturday, February 13, 2010

Detective Stories!

I just watched a ton of episodes of Detective Conan. So interesting. I've also been reading Sherlock Holmes a lot lately. I don't know why I've never done this before. I used to like Encyclopedia Brown a lot. I think I spent a summer around middle school or so reading all the Encyclopedia Brown books that the library had. It got boring after a while though (or maybe summer ended and I didn't have any more time to read...). But it got to the point where I was able to solve the mysteries too. I remember when my cousin picked up the books and would try to quiz me. I think that really kills the fun. I guess when you first start reading mysteries, you admire the detective and want to be able to solve the mystery too. But then if you manage to solve the mystery, then you don't feel like the writer was clever enough. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

Just finished a tiring week with 2 midterms. I think the first one went better than I hoped. Can't say the same for the second one. I spent a couple of hours after the exam today eating lunch with a couple of classmates. They went off to work on a class together. I napped and then went grocery shopping. I bought a few pounds worth of vegetables from the Milk Pail and it only came out to less than $7. I didn't buy any diary related stuff, which I guess would've been more expensive, especially at that place. I got diary and meat at Safeway. I think I'm only spending $30-$40 a week on groceries (counting things I have in bulk). My usual grocery bill comes out to be less than $30. I think I could possibly live on $20 a week. $2 a day isn't too far-fetched, I suppose. Eh, this might change when I start getting an income though... You tend to spend more when you have more. It would be nice if I can just save more but you know how it goes, all of a sudden you can afford to pay a couple of extra dollars and get the better product. Extra dollar here, extra dollar there, and you end up with a total you didn't expect! Anyway, I'm glad I have vegetables now though. I also got a couple of blood oranges. The Milk Pail makes me want to buy fruit because they have a ton of variety. Huge selections of apples. Any kind of peaches you want!

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X said...

I think on average I spend between $20 and $30 a week, most going to the fruits and vegetables...