Saturday, March 2, 2013

More updates

Saw these guys at an MTR station and decided to try out the camera on my new phone. I was on my way to hotpot with some former coworkers. We did the hot pot at someone's apartment. HK apartments are so amazingly small that I don't feel like I could ever get myself to buy one. I mean, it's just not worth the money and effort to buy something so small. And only for 50 years!

I've updated the sidebar on this blog with all my upcoming flights! Time goes by very fast. I really need to make a decision about where to live soon or else it will be hard to host all my future guests. Having an internal debate about whether or not to move farther out and be in a better environment. One of my friends remarked that she really wants her apartment to be somewhere that she wants to come home to. And that's why she likes to keep her apartment very clean and neat. Her place is very nice. I think I can afford to live better. I mean saving money is nice but now that I have more spare time, I would like my apartment to be bigger and nicer. 

I've been hoping to have more spare time, anyway. Site is getting very busy! We are hitting the critical path of construction and there are more and more people and machinery at site. The first month was extremely chill compared to what is coming up. I wish I knew more about the kind of record keeping needed so that I had used the previous month to get everything in order. But I guess it's part of the learning process. I think I'm going to stay being the RE for at least the first 3 months of this project. The base works is only about 9 months and the major geotechnical part is around 3 years. Hopefully I don't mess things up or lose track of important stuff before the full supervision team arrives.

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