Thursday, March 28, 2013

First night at the new place!

Just spent my first night at the new place. The moving guys were pretty good. They were fast and efficient. They got everything down the elevator in two trips and up to the new place in two trips. They managed to fit all my stuff in one minivan. They seem to do this a lot. Anyway, no mishaps but the place is now a mess.

I actually didn't sleep very well last night because there was a big thunderstorm and the rain falling on the AC was quite loud. I also didn't have curtains because I took mine out to be washed. They were getting moldy with the humidity!

I still need to sell off my closet and fridge and see about getting a dresser, loft, table, and chair. Maybe I can use the racks I have to hang clothes. I previously used them for kitchen stuff storage but the new place has some storage space in the kitchen.

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