Thursday, March 28, 2013


All packed! Now I'm just chilling and waiting for my moving guys to come. I don't know why but every time I need to move it is either really hot or raining. This time it is raining again. HK observatory is forecasting less rain later at night. Hopefully it won't start pouring while I am actually moving my stuff. Anyway, glad to finally be moving out of this subdivided flat. Looking forward to having more space and being in a better neighborhood. I will miss my wall decorations though. The new place does not have tiled walls, all painted.

I still need to sell off my closet and fridge. There seems to be interest for the fridge. Not so much for the closet. Anyway, I think it will be easier to take pictures once all my stuff is out of the way. I am thinking about getting a loft for my bed so that I can fit a small dresser and table. I want a proper desk and chair for doing stuff. I think I will put that to use now that I have more time at site. But will definitely get something that is easy to take apart and is not bulky.

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