Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Sold my fridge and oven last night. I think I underpriced it by a good amount so there were a few people interested. Like you cannot get a fridge for that price. I think I will have to do the same to sell my closet which may be even harder because you can get something really cheap that will do the same job. Anyway the fridge selling was really easy and quick. The guy just picked it up and took it down the stairs. Glad that went well. He even recommended a website for me to sell my closet. I can do some cleaning of the old place after that is gone.

I bought a bunch of furniture from IKEA on Tuesday. Well, a loft bed, set of drawers, and a desk. Didn't get the desk color I wanted though. Delivery date is set for the 10th, which is later than I would like. All the stuff is available and it is just a matter of finding a suitable delivery time and date.

I went back to the office last night and it felt strange to see so many people at work after 5:30pm. I talked to my supervisor about this research project that we are doing. I left to sell my fridge and then remembered that I promised someone else something. So I went back and had dinner with some of the guys who were still around. There is definitely a different pace of life between site and the office.

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