Monday, March 28, 2011

Some updates

Snowball sits on the chair next to my door every morning waiting for me to wake up. So cute. That also happens to be my mom's chair. She's always surprised whenever she comes back and finds Snowball on our kitchen chairs. But I think he does this pretty often.

I've made some headway in reading investment books. I think I'm starting to have an idea of what to look for when comparing company reports. Have to put this to the test though. So much to learn! There are so many online brokers, a ton of different opinions and advice out there. And then there's the question of where to invest. Should I invest in HK or in the US? It depends on which tax system gives me the best benefits. So much activation energy needed to get this newest hobby going.

I've started scanning my old homework and notes. It's a long process. Probably would be easier if I had a scanner with a document feeder. I knew I should have bought one like that. Actually the flat bed one I have now is not bad. Scanning black and white documents is pretty fast. It's the stuff written in pencil that is a problem. I have to scan those as color photo and it just takes the machine a long time to scan. Maybe I should start wearing sunglasses while doing this. I don't close the cover for convenience and that light is pretty bright. I'm going to ship a box of books and notes to the office. That should alleviate the weight of the bags that I'm checking in. I can bring more clothes and other junk! haha.

I need to do some more serious clothes shopping. My family went to SF this past weekend mainly because my mom wanted to buy some shoes. But clothes shopping takes a long time and we weren't there for long enough. Anyway, clothes shopping with parents is not fun. I should do some clothes shopping in Boston though. No tax on clothes over there.

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X said...

there's clothing tax in CA? Maybe you can go shopping here when we're all working :-)