Friday, March 18, 2011

Random happenings on a Thursday

I went to a SFGI dinner meeting last night. There were over 100 people at this one. The room was packed! I don't think I've ever been to one that had so many people. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people I knew at this one. It was very nice to see these people. I'm so used to telling people that I'm a "Masters student at Stanford" that I didn't even think about it until we sat down at the dinner table and two of my former coworkers from the Arup SF office sat next to me. At that point, I realized I could be saying that I work at Arup. So weird!! 

I went to SF before the meeting. I wanted to go to Levi's and that pair of jeans that I had been thinking about since the last time I went. I ran out of time though because I was looking through Ann Taylor Loft's sale rack. Another goal of mine was to get a Kobo (the eReader from Borders). Last time I was in SF, the Borders in the Westfield Shopping Center had a $20 off for all their eReaders. The Kobo came out to be $80. This is already a good deal since these things typically go for about $130. The Kindle is a bit more expensive than that, especially if you want a bigger screen, wi-fi, etc. As I approached the info desk, one of the sales ladies was putting up a sign that said $40 off for the Kobo! So the purchase was a no-brainer and my total came out to be around $65, including tax. Very cool. The device is charging right now. I'm excited.

I was a bit late meeting a friend of mine who agreed to drive me from his office to the SFGI meeting location. He's on the board so he was supposed to get there early to help set up. Oopse. We still got there early though. On the way back, I got a ride back to Stanford from someone I met at Arup, who lives in San Jose. I think it was out of his way. Guess I'll have to return the favor if he ever comes to Asia for work. heh.

I think I really want to find a one bedroom for my apartment in HK. It will make hosting people a lot easier. It's a big transit hub so I hope I get a lot of visitors. It'll be fun. It would give me an excuse to leave the office at a decent hour, I hope. 

I really need to get going on packing up my room. I get to bring 3 suitcases with me to HK. It's not like I've never done this before but it's still difficult. My parents got my visa via DHL yesterday. Now I gotta go after them about my flight. Doesn't feel real. It never feels real when I'm leaving some place. I've been at Stanford for so long that I can't imagine leaving and now coming back again. Going somewhere else is an adventure. It's always the leaving that gets me. 

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