Sunday, March 6, 2011

Haircut, shopping, happy hours - One More Week!!

One more week of classes to go!! I guess it should be crunch time. And therefore, I spent yesterday shopping. haha. I finally had a Friday free so I decided to go up to SF to get a haircut, do some shopping, and go to some happy hours.

I can tell it's time to get a haircut whenever my hair fills clogs the shower. If this happens even if I wash my hair everyday, then it's definitely time for a haircut. I've been trying to find a non-Asian place (i.e. somewhere where they have experience with non-straight hair). But I gave up and went to Chinatown instead. Every other place is super expensive. I really need to find someone Mexican to take me to a Mexican place. They washed my hair and the lady was leisurely cutting my hair until she dried it. And then my hair started getting super poofy and she realized she had to thin out more of it. This is why I usually don't have them wash my hair beforehand.

Then I attempted to go shopping. I walked around a lot of the expensive shops in downtown and didn't really get anything. I ended up going to Ross and picked out a couple of causal blouses. This shopping thing is pretty exhausting. I think I should have either gave myself more time or had a better plan. Anyway, I'll have more time after classes are over.

The primary motivation for going up to SF was to go to the MIT '09 happy hour. It was held at a bar and we got money towards drinks. The place was pretty nice and there were a group of Course 1 people there again. We're a small class but somehow a bunch of us ended up in the Bay Area. Anyway, it was good to see people and meet some new people.

After that, we drove over to Emeryville where a friend of a friend was having a housewarming party. The housewarming party was at one of the condos in the Emeryville marina. At the end of that marina is a Chinese restaurant that my family goes to sometimes. I've always wondered about those condos. It's interesting. The first set of condos is on Captain Dr. The next set is Commodore Dr. And then there's Admiral Dr. So you get higher and higher in rank as you go towards the water. The place we went to was on Commodore Dr (1 bed, 1 bath). It's a pretty nice place. The view of the bay is great.

I went to brunch this morning with a friend from undergrad. We went to a brunch place on California Ave. This makes the second time that I've been to California Ave. I never knew that that street has all these small shops. It's actually very cute. The food was pretty good and we just chatted for a while. It is getting pretty warm out these days.

Then I came back and did laundry and some cleaning before I started grading the latest foundations homework. It's interesting being on the other side. There's really no reason why people couldn't get full credit for this homework. They were even shown how the output should be. But somehow people forget things. I really don't understand. I think this has made me even more aware of details and how much they affect the outcome of something. It's all about how you present your data. If you can't present it in some coherent way, it doesn't matter that your answer was right in the first place.

Busy day tomorrow. I need to go grocery shopping and make some headway on my own homeworks.

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Y said...

How often do you get haircuts? I've been trying to figure out how often I'd like to get my hair cut. Obviously we have tremendously different hair types. But I feel perhaps I should get my hair cut more often to have it look better, instead of the sole purpose of cutting it because it is too long.