Thursday, March 3, 2011

Office 2010

Finally gave in and bought a copy of Microsoft Office 2010 from the Stanford bookstore. There's some kind of license agreement that Stanford has which lets you buy the Professional Plus version for the price of the normal Home and Student version. Anyway, it's still not cheap. I was using a trial version for a while because this quarter, my team project made it necessary to have at least the 2007 version of Office. I was holding out on buying stuff like this because I doubt I will be using it very much at home. But I think it would still be nice to be able to read documents and work from my own computer. The Office 2000 version that I have is really not compatible. The format gets all messed up. Anyway, hopefully this is a good investment.

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Y said...

what are you going to do with it? I use open office (and not really for anything) on my home computer. Work uses 03 which converts 07 files that we sometimes get from other places.