Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost there!

Just got done with my presentation. So now all I have left is to make a cash flow spreadsheet for my financial literacy class. Shouldn't be very hard and I'm actually looking forward to doing it since it will be useful to have. Our presentation went pretty well. I was not feeling it during our practice run but I don't think I did badly during the actual presentation. The committee really liked our management plan so that was good. There were lots of questions about our finances but I think we answered those pretty well. I wonder what an actual RFP presentation is like. Must be grueling.

I'm sitting at Blume right now holding my office hours. No real questions so far. There's not a lot of topics on the final and the topics are not very difficult conceptually. I'll stop by the text tomorrow to fulfill my TA obligations. Hand back some homeworks. I feel like I'm basically checked out already!

Yesterday was a really long day. I woke up really tired and went to turn in my earthquake homework. I sat in the Business school library for a while just reading the news on my computer and browsing through some books. Then I had lunch with Shuo at Nexus. I think I should have went back to my room to nap because I felt kind of tired the entire time. I managed to nap before my group meeting at 3:30pm. I thought we would be finished meeting as a group by 5pm but we barely finished in time for my 7pm dinner. I had dinner with Matt T at a Mexican place. He's such a happy guy that it's always a pleasure to see him. I think I'm going to miss Mexican food when I move. That's always the one thing that I miss whenever I go overseas. I should really go visit Mexico and try some authentic stuff. The place we went to had the saucy kind of burritos. There was so much sauce that you can't pick it up and had to use a fork and knife.

I came back and was feeling the food coma. It took two cups of tea and a shower to wake me up. This always happens with Mexican food. Dangerous. I practiced my part of the presentation but didn't feel 100% ready by the time I went to bed. Which is why I was messing up during our practice run. Anyway, 30 minutes is a long presentation. All of our previous ones were 5 minutes so everyone had only 1 minute to speak. After the presentation, we went to the Treehouse for lunch as a group. It was funny since we all had suits on. Getting my share of Mexican food these days.

No dinner plans tonight. Looking forward to a relaxing time in my apartment. I have to assess my food situation, do some cooking, and watch some anime. Maybe I'll start on the packing process.

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