Friday, August 28, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

I spent an hour saying goodbye to everyone today. I got to work and basically spent the entire day clearing out stuff. I spent a couple of hours writing up memos on programs I've used and sending out emails about my work. Then I cleaned out my computers and saved my work. Then I spent a long time going through all my papers that I've collected over the summer. I kept nearly all the paper from all the projects I've worked on and have just been sticking them into a binder the whole time. So today, I chucked out all the duplicates and irrelevant stuff. I saved stuff that might be potentially useful in the future, namely calculations that I've done. I feel like I've actually done some useful stuff this summer and there are stuff that are actually worth saving.

The group took me out to lunch today. There were 9 of us total so pretty big group. We went to this Thai place that wasn't very Thai. But it was fun anyhow. We were sitting on these stools that were kind of shaky. Supervisor didn't manage to get a budget for the lunch so they all paid for their own means and chipped in some money for mine.

I also spent some time looking through the library of the guy whose desk I was sitting in. I found a really good book which I managed to download. I've been downloading some geo books and articles this summer. I feel like I need to start a collection and start using these resources. The first two years at MIT, I didn't really reference any books to do my psets. We just relied on each other and TAs. But then I went to Cambridge where I was way out of my depth and had to use the library and learn stuff from books on my own. And people there use the library a lot for school work. So I started doing that too. I think it's a good thing to do. The people at work are always flipping through books to find stuff. "So and so has a book on blah."

So at around 4pm, I figured I should submit my timesheet for the week. Turns out they had already closed my account and I was locked out. I ended up having to email my supervisor with the job numbers and such. I think he was a little disappointed that I didn't do very much today. He thought I was finishing up stuff for one of the guys and was extremely busy. But I had finished up everything for him yesterday. I was pretty busy in the morning though, writing up those memos and corresponding with people about my work.

Anyways, all the goodbyes got kind of sad after a while. I don't think I've ever felt this way about an internship before. I'm really looking forward to grad school but I think I will really miss all these guys. I said goodbye to everyone who's not in the group first. Those were easier. Those were just like all my other internships where we say the usual things and I leave. But saying goodbye to the group was different. They were all mentors in one way or another and good ones too. I hope that once I start working, I can find a group like this to work with.

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