Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last few days of NYC

I ran 3 miles today without stopping! Did it in 30 minutes. Yay. I have been running 2 mile loops in Central Park for a while now. On Tuesday, I decided to do a longer loop but I walked part of it. I wasn't planning to do that loop again today but I felt good while running an decided to just go for it. At the end, my stomach started to cramp but I managed to make the entire loop. I don't think I've done this in many, many years... Anyway, I want to try to run the entire park before I leave. It's 6 miles if you run the Park Drive loop (this is not the perimeter of the park). Not sure how long that's going to take me. Pretty sure I'll have to walk part of it. But I've been running the park a lot now and haven't made it up to the north end of it yet.

When I get back home, I'll be running Lake Merritt. That's a 3.1 mile loop. I think that will be easier than what I ran today since it's really flat. Central Park has a ton of elevation changes. You're either going uphill or downhill. There's no flat parts. Anyway, Stanford should have great places to run. Looking forward to that. They also have an outdoor swimming pool and track. After being in places that snow for four years, I was really surprised to see the outdoor swimming pool on google maps. At first, I thought it was just blue because it was a swimming pool. But then I figured out that I was looking at water. It just felt weird at first.

Tomorrow will be my last day at work. I think I will really miss these guys. This summer's been great. Not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow aside from cleaning up all my junk. I'm writing up a document on a software that I've used but I'm almost finished with that.

Not volunteering this weekend. I've already done 38 hours this month! I think I can finish the rest of my hours in September.

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X said...

:-) I should try to run here too. Haven't done that yet at all. There's prob places that aren't too hilly around here....