Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting things right

Is work life supposed to become routine after some point? The only thing constant at this job is that it feels like a big battle every day. Things happen so suddenly. On one hand, things stay interesting and sometimes it's kind of exhilarating to have multiple things happening and seeing things getting done. But it gets tiring. I felt really out of it all of today (Friday). I was feeling very unmotivated to do anything. One of those days when I really wished that work was more flexible and that I can just go take a nap and come back later. I think I would have been a lot more productive.

I spent the first couple of days this week fixing some dumb mistakes in my own calculations. Our system was already very efficiently utilized that even though some of these mistakes were minor, they made quite the difference. Anyway, after 2.5 days of hard core calculating and scheming of ways to make things work, we finally got everything working. I guess I didn't have to worry about not know what I was doing.

I still wish I had/have more time to review stuff. I think I can gain a lot by learning to do the structural calculations or at least understanding what they are doing. It makes coordination a lot easier if you understand what the other side needs so that you can give them the right stuff and anticipate their needs. An upcoming submission requires coordination between 3-4 parties, just within our own company. I think all of our individual parts are just all the basic stuff but the picture changes once you start adding restrictions and constraints from all the parties. This is where working with people who know what they're doing makes things happen so much more smoothly.

I feel like I'm a lot more confident in being able to make decisions or at least being able to ask the right questions. If I knew what I know now, our submissions would have been able to go in a lot earlier! But I don't think our groups capacity should be limited by a graduate's ability to turn things around.

I'm planning for a long day at the office tomorrow. I need to study for the PE, do my taxes, clean my desk, and hopefully also get some work done. Not sure all of these things will be able to happen tomorrow. A friend is visiting on Sunday so we will be hanging out.

And then my parents are visiting next week. They're getting in early Wednesday. Next week is an odd week because we get Wednesday and Friday off. So hopefully Thursday is a chill day. Then we're off to Thailand and Singapore!

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