Sunday, March 4, 2012

A no work weekend

Didn't go into the office this weekend. This hasn't happened for a while. It wasn't entirely intentional though. On Saturday, I deliberately avoided all thoughts of going into the office. I was hoping for a sunny day to go out hiking. It was not a sunny day at all and felt more and more like there was a storm as the day went on. But I went hiking anyway. I made my weekly rounds at the wet market and picked up a lot of fruit before heading out.

I took the no. 81 bus up to the reservoirs again and started walking from there. I wanted to hike up to Amah Rock and then over to Tai Wai. I didn't make it up the to the rock and just saw it from below instead. I think I could have done it but the weather was getting colder and colder. It was so humid that I thought there was going to be a storm soon. Anyway, I nearly missed the path to go down to Tai Wai. I found it in the end and went to the train station to find something to eat. I actually brought some snacks with me but I couldn't find a good place to sit down to eat so I ate at a little restaurant instead. I walked past the real estate agencies and tried to see the prices for rentals. But they were mostly advertising for sales. I doubt I can find something in my price range so close to the station though. I probably have to find something a bit farther out. Anyway, will have to explore this area more in the near future.

On Sunday, I met up with two coworkers for dim sum. One of them just arrived in HK on a short term assignment from the UK. She says work is really slow going in the UK. We ended up hanging out the entire day. We spent quite a bit of time in the Computer Mall in Sham Shui Po looking for various things. I was totally going to buy a trackball mouse but I found out I didn't have any cash on me. Sigh. We walked around the fish and flower market. There are mint plants on sale! Again, I didn't get a pot of them due to the lack of money. I didn't want to be carrying around a live plant anyhow. I had wanted to go into the office in the afternoon but gave up on it. I don't think I would have been very productive anyway.

Trying to get myself ready for another busy week. I finally ironed my shirts. For the past two weeks, they have just been a pile sitting on my bed. I'm going to start this week off by getting enough sleep. So bed time!

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