Friday, March 2, 2012

Is it summer already??

It's finally Friday! This has been a really long week. I can barely remember what happened on Monday because it seems like such a long time ago. Even though I have only been working on one project this entire time, this project has too many different buildings and works going on. I think I helped out with a total of 5 different submissions just this week. Things are wrapping up for us (the geotech team) though. We are aiming to submit the last excavation submission for this project next week, which has mostly been done by two graduate engineers... There's a foundation submission that I don't feel as up to speed on it as I should be. After that, we literally just being support. Anyhow, that one excavation design that I've been working on since I started finally got approved! Can't really say it's mine because it too a lot of input from a lot of different people. It's quite a difficult piece of design. I need to find some time to write up some lessons learned from it.

The weather here is really weird. We had a couple of days of pretty cold weather and even some rain for the beginning of the week. Sometime this morning, it all cleared up and saw the the blue skies again. I went out with the other graduate engineers for lunch and it was so warm. It nearly felt like summer. It even felt humid. We took the train out to TaiWai, the next stop in the New Territories and went to this little Vietnamese place. I think they're trying to make this going out to TaiWai a weekly Friday thing.

I hope this sunny thing holds out for the weekend. I really want to go hiking. Go run up a mountain or something. I have to remember not to underestimate the difficulties of the trails here though. Some of them are pretty challenging and you don't realize it until you're halfway up and there's nowhere but up to go.

I think these recent blog posts has to be the most boring stuff I've ever written. Really feel like I need to apologize to my audience. But don't worry, I think I'm going to 2 birthday parties/gatherings next week!

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