Saturday, March 17, 2012

The sun came back

It's starting to feel like summer over here. I was considering taking the fan out of the box again. It cleared up in the afternoon and was sunny for the first time in what feels like ages. I hope tomorrow clears up as well so that I can get some sun while hiking. I think today would have been a good day to go up Lion Mountain or somewhere high. 

I haven't gotten a chance to write about my adventures last Sunday. Last Sunday was a day that I wished would have been sunny, or at least dry. A bunch of us had made plans to go biking. It was pouring rain and really cold when we got to Lantau Island. We stuck to the original plan and got bikes anyway. The rain cleared up a bit once we got going but I don't think any of us realized what the "bike path" actually consisted of. The beginning of it was really rough. We had to bring the bikes up some wet and muddy steps to get to the actual trail. And then we found a lot of big rocks, steep trails, and very slippery conditions. Even on a day like this, there were still a lot of hikers. And then there were the serious mountain bikers who were flying down the mountain. Anyway, I really think I would have been able to hike faster without the bike. It got better after the first bit though. Some of the roads were still too steep (both ways) for me to really feel comfortable biking. I think the part of biking that I really don't like is going too fast and feeling out of control. Anyway, I think I'm going to give up on this biking business. I think I would have enjoyed the trail quite a bit if I had been hiking instead. We ended the day with a meal at China Beach in Mui Wo. It's a place run by these British people who make really good food. The portions are huge and very delicious. So the money I got from finally selling the microwave all went to this one meal. 

I think my goal for the upcoming couple of months is to lose the weight I've gained this past year. I think I should be somewhat worried that I can't seem to fit comfortably into my size 2 pants anymore. Aside from being worried, it's also very annoying. I have all these pants that I can't wear. I went to the gym for the first time in about 2 weeks. Definitely need to start up the morning routine again. I'm nearing my goal of price per visit being less than the one time fee of $150 (HKD) though. Only 21 more times to go!

Last week felt like a really stressful week at work. I think I was just feeling unhappy the first couple of days and it didn't help that we were being chased by the structural group to push out another submission. Anyway, being upset and stressed out is not a good combination. I really don't get why the private design companies just can't seem to compete in terms of salary with government jobs here. It makes it so that you have to leave the private industry after a few years. 

We had a farewell dinner for one of the guys in the structural team we've been working with. It was crazy. First of all, we got there late because we were waiting for the guy who's leaving to come back from BD. He's and another guy have been going to BD everyday this past week because their submission is due. Going everyday is excessive but I guess we all really want it approved and out of the way. Anyway, that's not the crazy part. We went to a hot pot place and there were 11-12 of us all around a big table. The English guy really wanted beer and after we all stuffed ourselves, the guys started drinking like crazy and started having all these competitions. It did not help that the English guy introduced putting a bendy straw into the bottle, which helps cut down on the carbonation once you get the other end of the straw out of the liquid. It got really crazy after a while. We even went for another drink after the hot pot itself. 

Even though these farewell dinners are usually held at pretty nice places and people have fun, I don't really feel like I want to keep going to these. Already feeling like I've been to too many of them. I'm hoping that there won't be a steady stream of them in the upcoming months. 

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