Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Updates on life

Writing from my office in the Blume Center. I'm supposed to be doing homework but for some reason, I can't seem to concentrate. Too energetic so must use some of that energy in typing this blog post. My weeks are very top heavy. I have a lot of stuff going on Mondays and Tuesdays and then things die down. I spent much of the weekend grading. Finished grading one set of homeworks but haven't gotten to the next set yet because I don't all the solutions. I think I got the hang of grading now so it should go pretty fast.

Just got a facebook message from a friend of mine who said he had lunch with my former boss. The engineering world is so small. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by these things. It makes me happy to think that we're all somehow connected.

Upcoming highlights:
  • Site visit to a construction site on Friday. Not sure if the work boots I have with me are adequate. I should look at them again and decide if I want to get some boots. I would probably need more than one pair of work boots anyway so it's probably a good investment. Finding the right size is difficult though. 
  • Not sure if I should/can make it home this weekend. There's no way I can go back on Thursday - Chinese New Year. But if I'm going to be in SF on Friday anyway, I can take BART home after the site visit. Although I think I will be fairly busy this weekend since midterms are coming up. And also, more conferences, see next point.
  • Going to San Diego next week! Attending the annual meeting for EERI - Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. Leaving Wednesday night and coming back on Saturday. It should be a very interesting conference. The Blume Center is contributing to travel costs. Hopefully it's warm down there as well.

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