Friday, February 18, 2011

The Countdown Begins!

Only 3 more weeks of school. Moving out of Stanford in about 31 days. And moving out of the country in about 2 months... A lot of people have asked if I feel excited. I honestly don't know if excited is the right word to be using. I have been looking at HK life-related stuff pretty excessively these past few days. I think I've gotten the internet situation figured out for the most part. I think there's only one major internet provider so that makes things easy. But the specific plan that is available depends on where I live. Next up is electricity and water. Updating my budget as I go along.

Speaking of the budget, I've been trying to come up with a monthly cash flow plan. I know that there will be a lot of unforeseen expenses when I actually get there. But one thing that I didn't think about before is the grace periods of my loans. A 9 month grace period is actually pretty significant since I am basically starting my job right after I graduate. So I can potentially pay off the smaller loans completely and my monthly loan payments would be less than what I'm calculating right now. I'm not exactly sure how to make such a cash flow plan though. We're supposed to be making one for my financial literacy class. The instructor said that she will bring in some samples next class. But since the class is on Mondays, and next Monday is a holiday, we won't get to see these samples for a while!

On the topic of holidays. I think I will enjoy them a lot more when I am working. Holidays in grad school is just the same as any other day. No classes but it's not like I spend a lot of time in class anyway. I'm still holding my office hours as usual. It's really no big difference to me.

I went to Kaiser today to get my annual check up and such. On the way back, I walked around Castro Street a bit. It was raining so I didn't go very far. But I did run into an Asian supermarket. I think it is run by Vietnamese people but they have all sorts of Asian foods. I called my roommate to ask if she wanted to make dumplings for dinner tonight because her boyfriend mentioned at one point that he really likes dumplings. I got a pack of dumpling skins and we went grocery shopping for the rest of the ingredients later at night. It was really fun. I should have gotten a whole lot more dumpling skins though. We used pork and ground turkey. Not entirely sure the ground turkey was a good move though because it was a bit dry.

Anyway, looking forward to some hard core studying these next few days. Might be going up to SF on Sunday because a friend is here to visit. I don't know if it will all work out though. I don't have that much motivation to go up there. But it would be nice to hang out. Kind of wish I can couple it with some other errand. Not worth it to go anywhere unless I have at least 2 things to accomplish!

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Y said...

Wow only 3 weeks, this month is going by fast. Although it is a shorter month.

Holidays are nice but if you have to work overtime then they kind of lose meaning. I'm working today, but I do like how it is more flexible than a regular workday. Building security guys weren't happy with my ID though for some reason.