Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogs and blogging

Reposting an article about (or the decline of) teenage blogging:

Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter -

I've always wondered how reads my blog. I set up google analytics on this thing a long time ago and check occasionally. I think I know who my main readers are but there are some from random places that I always wonder how they found this blog. Maybe it's all the travel stuff. I should try searching the places that I have been to and wrote about to see if it comes up. It's not something I usually do.

This weekend has passed by pretty fast. I didn't do very much yesterday. The morning was productive. I went running, ate breakfast, did laundry, wrote a paper, and then ate lunch. It sort of went downhill after lunch. I think I ate my meals too closely spaced together and fell into a food coma.

Some of the Asian grad student associations put together a Lantern Festival Night Market last night. I went a bit late and the line for food was really long. I had already eaten dinner so I didn't bothered to stand in the long line. I looked around for people that I know but only saw a few acquaintances. I think after a while, you must feel old and out of place when doing a PhD. These Masters students come and go. You can make friends with the new ones but they will drift away after a year or two. They get to leave. I suppose that's why people move off campus or just have their own lives even though they live in the dorms. Anyway, I spent a bit of time talking to some 1st year Masters students about the importance of networking. They're in the process of (or trying to start) finding internships.

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docey101 said...

i wonder who reads my blogs too. besides you and like maybe 2 other people? hahaha. that's why i haven't made any money on the ads or my donate button. the people who read my blog could easily access these same articles on nytimes. i'm a redundant feature : (
but i do know why i read yours, to keep posted on what you're up to. if only i ever made plans, then i guess i could blog about my plans to do something and the preparation i'd be doing. just as soon as money rolls in from my blog, i'll plan a trip somewhere or to open a restaurant and blog about the process ;)