Monday, February 21, 2011

Martabak Mie!

This is one of the variations of martabak we had while in Padang. I decided to try to make it because I had just bought some IndoMie. This consists of one package of IndoMie, 2 eggs, and small amounts of chopped red and green onions. I boiled the noodles, mixed it with the egg batter and then put it in pan, and cooked it like an omlette. It turned out pretty good. Didn't have any chili sauce or sweet soy sauce to go with this though.

One of the cafes at Andalas university served this and we would always get some rice to go with it. For us, it was just too spicy without the rice. So I decided to put the bit of leftover rice I had on top of this. I got a small bag of black rice a few weeks ago and have been mixing it with the white rice I normally make. The meat to the side is the Vietnamese pork with potato starch thing. I picked up a roll of it at the Asian market on Castro St on Friday. I thought this particular recipe (for the meat thing) uses too much potato starch.

Not too much flavor in all this though so I ended up adding some ketchup on top of the rice. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of this with the ketchup.
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