Sunday, February 6, 2011

Halfway - the weekend

Went on a site visit this Friday to one of the new buildings that UCSF is building in the Mission Bay district. I didn't realize that they were building an entire campus' worth of buildings down there. Very impressive. The building we visited was mostly up and they were lifting machinery when we were there.

Went home afterwards. It took me a while to walk from the construction site to the BART station. I should have just taken the bus. Walking was made even more difficult because I was wearing my steel toe work boots. They are heavy and slightly too big. I'm not sure they are entirely water-proof either. I will either have to dig up my old military boots or get some longer boots for future site visits. Construction sites might be wet and rainy in HK.

I only stayed home until Saturday morning. Took BART back to San Francisco and I walked around Chinatown for a little bit. I got some food items that made all my stuff really heavy. Again, I should have just taken the bus from Chinatown to the Caltrain station. But thinking since this route is not much longer than the one I usually take, I decided to walk. I made the train that I wanted to take but after I got on the train, I realized that I would have to wait 40 minutes after getting to Palo Alto for the Shopping Express shuttle to come along. Which meant that I could have waited for the next train and still have made the shuttle. This lack of public transportation options during the weekend is so frustrating. I ended up chatting with Yalu for a long time because of this.

After getting back, I was really tired out from all the walking and carrying around stuff. Did laundry and then rested a bit before going grocery shopping. It seems that Shopping Express that comes to the residences is always late and the one picking us up from the shopping center is either early or on time. This means not a lot of time for shopping! I'm pretty efficient these days though.

Later that night, I worked on the team project for my infrastructure class and then finished reading a book. Met up with a former roommate from MIT who was visiting. She is starting a new job so she's doing some traveling and visiting people in between her jobs. Seems to be doing well. Some people never seems to change though.

It's been a really nice and warm weekend. I was wearing shorts outside on Saturday. I think I could have done the same today (Sunday) but I decided to spend the entire day indoors because of allergies... At least I got a lot of work done. I never seem to be able to do as much as I would like to on the weekends though. Not sure where all the time goes. Things just seem to take longer than I expect.

I can't believe this quarter is already half way over. I've barely written anything about how my classes are going or any of the usual stuff. It's been overshadowed by this whole job thing. I think about HK a lot these days and school just seems so unreal. Sometimes I feel like I'm just going through the motions. But I do feel like there's a lot to learn this quarter. I think all my classes (even the one I'm TAing) is potentially very relevant to what I'll be doing. I guess I just can't wait to apply them in real life!

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