Monday, January 9, 2012

Updates (field trips and friends)

Man, it's only Monday and I'm wishing for the weekend already! Very short week (only 2 days of work) after getting back from Thailand. Got right back into the action as soon as I managed to turn on my computer. But these days I am taking the T3 course so I have an excuse to leave early on certain days.

I went on a site visit to the High Island Reservoir with the HKIE Geotech division. They have site visits and field trips pretty often. This one was free but you had to get pick by a lottery. I was lucky. I've been wanting to go to see the hexgonal columns. I wasn't all that interested in the reservoir actually. But we had people from WSD (Water Supplies Department) come and talk about the reservoir. So it wasn't too bad. We also got to see the very cool rocks (tall columns of rocks that are hexgonal prisms). They were formed by former volcanic activity.

On Sunday, I met up with Annie and Will (A+W) who I saw in Bangkok. They are back in HK for another day or so and then flying back to the US. We met up with another mutual friend and had dim sum. Then we took a ferry to Lamma Island. I nearly got sick on the ferry ride. It was pretty rocky. Luckily, we got on the fast boat and it only took 25 minutes. I think I would have thrown up if it had been longer. Anyway, Lamma Island is interesting in that no cars are allowed and no buildings are allowed to be built over 5 stories. There are a lot of little shops all along the main street selling handicrafts and other interesting things. We spent quite a while walking through the town center. We then walked to another pier via a well maintained and used trail. I think everyone enjoyed the greenery and the easy hike. It felt very refreshing to be out in open space. I fell asleep on the ferry ride back even before the boat pulled out of the harbor. It was a good thing too because once we got between Kowloon and HK Island, the waters got really rough.

We took the tram for a bit and got dinner. I'm definitely going back to HK Island and taking the tram around for fun. It's so cheap! Only $2.30 a ride and you can go as far as you want. Great way to explore the Island. We had a lot of food for dinner. We hung out some more and then had dessert. It was a pretty chill and fun day.

This week, another friend of mine is in town! So many friends visiting. She's only here during the week so we might not get to hang out as much. But another excuse to leave work early!!

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