Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lunar New Year holiday

It's the first day of the Lunar New Year over here and I'm still snuggled up in bed. It suddenly dropped from 60F to about 40F in the span of one night. It's also been misty and rainy. I'm not sure how many people are out on the streets because it seems really quiet outside. Not as quiet as when the Signal 8 typhoon was passing by but still.

Last week was the end of my T3 course. I'm glad it's ended because it was getting kind of stressful to have to leave work at 5:30pm. Having to leave work at a certain hour makes me not motivated to start on new stuff. I stayed pretty late to finish up the calculations and reports for two submissions scheduled to go out on Friday. I really didn't think we were going to be ready but we managed to push the out. Friday was an interesting day where I didn't really do much. We went to GEO in the morning and my phone started ringing as soon as I sat down. As I was talking to one guy, another guy on the same team tried to call me, and yet another guy messaged me using the company messenger thing. I had some stressful moments where I managed to finish off the necessary calculations. We went out for lunch and came back at nearly 2pm, which I thought was not so great for what I was trying to get done. Anyway, at some point, I went up to the print room and basically the entire structures team that I was working with were running about checking drawings, folding drawings, and getting things ready to go out.

I left promptly at 5:30pm on Friday for HKU again. The several of us going together were pretty prepared. The exam was open notes and we managed to bring all the right notes. We finished in about an hour and some of us went for sashimi at a Japanese place that one of the guys claimed to have the best sushi in HK. I really like sashimi, especially the salmon ones. They're available everywhere in HK. It's on the expensive side but the prices are not too crazy.

On Saturday, I made plans to meet up with a friend to go to the flower market (aka. new year market) in Victoria Park. I dropped off my laundry at my usual laundry place. Because it was the 28th day of the month before the new year, they were extremely busy. I also went to the Bank of China to check on my credit card status. Apparently I was supposed to go to the branch to pick up the card. And here I was waiting for it to come in the mail. How was I supposed to know?? Unfortunately I couldn't pick it up because there was an order to send it back to HQ the day before. So I missed it by a day. They seriously need to get their communication act together. The guy even tried to blame me for forgetting to come pick it up. Really don't like it when people try to make up excuses for you. I was totally going to let it go and not say anything about not being notified.

The flower market was huge. It was loaded with all sorts of useless stuff like angry bird hand warmers and tons and tons of flowers of all kinds. It was overwhelming. My friend picked up two pots of really nice looking flowers. We had lunch in Central where I used up another Groupon deal. I am going to be more picky about these Groupon deals because using them is such a hassle.

I cleaned the house the rest of the day. It was such an effort even though my place is so small. I don't think I managed to clean all of it but I did do a lot of dusting, threw out junk, and organized my desk and sofa. I went to the gym in TST and used the treadmill and sauna. I think the TST one is just more quiet than the Mongkok one. The gym staff didn't have anything to do. I went to iSquare afterwards to satisfy my need for a juicy burger. I walked by a Japanese restaurant that had discounts for diners after 9:30pm. I was there at 9pm and didn't really want to wait around. Clearly, I need better planning next time.

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