Monday, January 2, 2012

Laziest Day Ever

I think we were lazier today than when we went on that cruise. I got woken up at 3am by my phone to tell me that it has successfully recharged itself. Mahalia went running in the morning while I slept in and watched TV. I watched some CNN, which is something I haven't done in a long time. Then we headed down for breakfast and were overwhelmed by the choices. There was a huge spread. The fruit came in huge chunks. Then we got out books and sat in the lounge chairs in the garden to read and nap. It was very peaceful and I finished The Prince and the Pauper. Doing a lot of reading these days.

Then I had an internet session. There is only internet in public areas and not in our room. Which is a bit annoying but at least there is internet. Although I suppose it would be even more relaxing if there wasn't internet... Anyway, then we hopped in the pools for a bit and didn't really swim too much. There was one pool with a lot of kids playing so it wasn't a good idea to do any lap swimming. The other pool was in the shade due to the tall hotel building so the water was cold. Then we went out for a lunch adventure. We ate at this little family restaurant where we ordered through pointing and made use of Mahalia's Thai language skills. We mostly got what we wanted so lunch was a success. We passed by a Tescos (Walmart-like place that originates from the UK) on the way to the hotel and I suggested that we go and check it out. Turns out, the whole complex is a small mall with some restaurants and little shops. I got a couple of food items as souvenirs for coworkers.

We did some wandering around and then got back to the hotel and just sat around the room chatting. Then we did some reading again. Towards sunset, we went and took some pictures of the hotel and wandered up tower. There are two parts to the hotel, the low rise (which is where we're staying) and the tower. There was a nice view of the city and some newspapers and tourist guide books. So we looked at those for a while and then wandered out in search of dinner. We had dinner at a Korean place and ordered way too much food. We came back to the hotel and I took my third shower of the day. I feel like I get sticky every time I walk outside. And... that's it for the day. It was very relaxing. I still wish I had more time to write though.

Tomorrow, we're heading to Bangkok! The bus terminal is not far from where we are staying in Pattaya. Buses leave every 30 minutes and takes 2 hours to get to the capital. My hotel in Bangkok is on the tourist map that Mahalia got for me at the airport. So we're all set. Seems like there will be lots to do in Bangkok so I should go rest up for a more adventurous day!

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