Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parents in China

I can't believe that my whole family of four managed to fit into my tiny apartment of ~120 sq. ft, along with lots of luggage. It was definitely a challenge. They called me before getting on a taxi and I left the office about 15 minutes after their call. I managed to get back to my apartment right when they got off the taxi. It was perfect timing. Actually, I was hoping to get there a bit before so I can clean up some more. Oh wells.

We went out to dinner with one of my dad's friends. The little place had pretty good food. I swear it was just like the place I went with my coworkers that one time were working really late. Even one of the waiters looked familiar. Maybe it's run by the same people? Anyway, Victor and I left a bit earlier and walked around the shops near my place. Most of the stores were closed by that time though. We got a milk tea and some candy.

Showering took a long time, like I predicted. They're not used to the small bathroom so it took a while for them to figure out what to do. It was actually pretty good once we arranged everything for sleeping. Both my bed and the sofa bed are pretty spacious.

In the morning, we took a taxi to the mall next to my workplace. My parents were worried that we wouldn't have time so we should get to where I work first and eat later. I didn't see any difference in eating first and then going. Anyway, my dad wanted to go to the dim sum place but it wasn't opened yet. Actually there weren't very many places opened and I was about to settle for DeliFrance when we saw that a couple of the places in the food court was opened. So we had a pretty cheap breakfast. Only HK$90 for all of us (~$12 USD). The food wasn't very good though, I have to say.

I gave my passport to a secretary at work to help me apply for a Mainland visa. Good thing my parents were still around because I got them to help me fill out parts of the form. I have to say, between filling out forms, submitting my timesheet, answering calls from family, I didn't do a whole lot in the morning. My parents came back to the mall at around noon to eat at the dim sum place. They left after eating lunch. I'll see them again next weekend when I go to China. I forgot to get them to write down my grandparents' address for me. Oopse. Oh wells, my HK phone card should still work in the Mainland.

I really hope next weekend is not a busy one at work. Our supervisor will be out on vacation. Another guy on the team is going to Singapore on a secret mission... Wishing him the best of luck. I'm definitely going to China for the entire weekend. So hopefully we can all just have a relaxing weekend.


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