Tuesday, July 5, 2011

End of long weekend

Didn't make it to the beach on Sunday. It was a really nice (extremely hot) day out though. It would have been perfect for sunburning on the beach. I got up early (6:30am) to go running. By the time I got to Shatin, it was 7:30am and already too hot for me. I'm wondering if I should join a gym for the summer so that I can exercise without feeling like I'm drowning in my own sweat. I'll need to investigate this.

I went to Ikea again instead. This time, I decided to go to the one in Causeway Bay. I realized that even though it's farther and I'll spend a bit longer on the MTR, I would only need to transfer once instead of twice. I really don't like having to transfer at Kowloon Tong. First of all, it's the stop where work is. Second of all, you have to walk a bit to transfer. It's not easy to walk so much carrying a bunch of stuff from Ikea. It looks like I bought a sauce pan that I won't be needing though so I think I'll need to go return it at some point.

Before Ikea, I went to eat a late lunch. I walked by a place that I think is an apartment building with a theater and restaurants downstairs. I walked into the restaurant area because there was a sign for the Spaghetti House, which I have been wanting to try out. The first place I saw was a Padang Indonesia restaurant! It looked like a place for big groups though so I didn't go in but very exciting. It turns out that this bunch of restaurants are all very authentic. There's a Hokkaido rice pizza place, Taiwanese place, Thai place, etc. I settled for the Thai place because I wanted Thai tea. Really good choice because they had the best Thai tea ever! The cream and sugar came separately. The tea was a very deep red and smell really good. I was amazed. I wanted to sit there while drinking the tea. Unfortunately, the book I was reading on my Kobo expired. So upsetting...

After the Ikea trip, I went to buy groceries and a basil plant. Ended up with a three basil plants in a pot. They actually looked really nice after I trimmed off all the dead leaves and re-potted them with new soil. I gave two of them away and kept one for myself. Now I'm growing basil at the office.


docey101 said...

Sounds like a pleasurable long weekend! What book were you reading? Were you borrowing for the library? The only exercise I get are 1.5-mile walks to the library to pick up books. I'm out of books for Pierce's series and want to reread Edding's Belgariad. My mom is reading the HP series...I wonder if she should finish all the books (it might take a while though--YEARS, many).
Without distractions, I might finally settle down and find a job--with engrossing stories and no work schedule, I lose track of time.

Y said...

my basil plant is recovering after not getting enough water in the previous few days.. oops