Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions/Plans for the New Year: 2011 Edition

Here's the plan for 2011 in chronological order:

The first quarter. Live a balanced life for the last quarter at school. This will be the last time I'm going to school for a while. So I want to enjoy being a student. The term is so short that you don't really feel like you've been in school forever because your routines get broken up by midterms and project deadlines. Other than taking advantage of being a student, I want some time to do a couple of other "life" related things, namely cooking and running. I want to cook more again, bake some bread, use up my yeast, etc. And in order to eat all the food that I will be cooking, I will need to exercise more. The first quarter ends with finishing academic stuff at Stanford.

The second quarter. Travel, last chance to travel before I start working! Really hope I don't have to start working too early. Really have to negotiate for a good start date. I can't believe I've traveled to so many places and still don't have one of those big backpacking backpacks. Maybe I should get one first and then I'll have to put it to use! The graduation ceremony at Stanford will mark the end of the second quarter.

The second half. Settle into the work life. I really want to learn more geotech stuff. I feel like I'm ready to do design and analysis work. I've done enough internships in this field to know what I need to know. But since it's looking like I'm not going back to work for a place that I have previously interned, it will take some time for people to figure out what I'm capable of doing, earn trust, etc. Should prob start studying for the PE exam once I figure out what counts as qualifying experience.

Actual resolutions for the year:
  • run a full marathon
  • floss at least once a week
  • use lotion and toner at least once a week

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Y said...

Ooh I'm making taking better care of my teeth one of my resolutions. But you should really floss more than once a week.. the dentist recommends daily (which I will start trying to do consistently) but I usually end up doing it every other day.

I feel like I am always cooking, baking, and making juice nowadays.