Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ready for more school

Back at Stanford. I've been spending this evening getting back into school mode. I cleared out my backpack and made a list of classes I want to go to for the next two days. Only 5 classes for Monday and 7 for Tuesday. hahaha. I hope my bike is still functional.

I went running shortly after I got back. It got dark and rainy towards the end of my run. I have to say, that really put a kick into my pace. I was running the Campus Drive loop and was past the halfway point so I couldn't turn back. I think I completed the loop much faster than if it had been a nice sunny day out. Once I figure out my schedule, I can figure out which days are my running days. Maybe I should do some swimming as well and take advantage of the nice pool here while I can.

Look forward to figuring out a good combination of classes for my last quarter.

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