Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hong Kong for the weekend

Yes, I am on my way to Hong Kong. Sitting at the SFO airport right now, waiting to board. Free wi-fi here. Very nice. This was sort of a sudden decision. I booked the flight early Tuesday morning. A coworker of mine had suggested that I go to HK to visit, check things out, and see if I can say to myself, "I can live here." I didn't think I would have the time and resources so I didn't think much about it. And then earlier this week, my parents asked a relative of ours for advice and she suggested the same thing. Now that I'm not waiting on anyone else to give me stuff, the ball is really in my court. So I decided to make this trip. It took a while to find flights. There were all sorts of mysterious flights that showed up on search engines that I wasn't able to book. I finally found really late Monday night but decided that I was too tired to think properly. I woke up at 6am Tuesday morning and the first thing I thought was, I have to book the flight. So I did.

Hopefully this will really help me make the choice for my first job. I really don't want to drag this on forever. I feel like I'm thinking about this every 10 minutes and can't focus at all. Good thing my classes this quarter aren't very demanding. At least, not yet.

Anyway, wish me luck. People have been telling me that I have good choices and that I can't go wrong. So I guess I just need to decide on something. I think I've solicited advice from everyone I know now. I never imagined it to be such a tough choice.


djue said...

good luck! i hope the decision becomes clear :)

docey101 said...

YUP! Good luck! :)

Y said...

yes, me too (the decision becomes clear)! that would be a good use of the trip... are you staying with relatives?

it's always hard ;-) (well actually MIT seemed pretty easy. but grad school, you know?)