Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Highlights, Milestones, Reflections

2010 has been an eventful year. The highlights include:
  • running two half marathons and Bay to Breakers
  • going on a cruise (first time!)
  • going to Indonesia and Southeast Asia
  • flying around the world
  • working part-time while doing grad school
  • baking bread
  • figuring out what I want to do after graduation
One of my resolutions for 2010 had been to run a full marathon. But I think that was over ambitious so I'm going to have to settle for completing two half marathons. I think I was too enthusiastic when I started training. This sport can get a lot more complicated than just running. Shoes, clothes, food, even can make a difference. I think I've started to eat healthier or at least watch the types of food that I eat and how my body responds. 

I started working part-time in the middle of winter quarter. It took a while to adjust to working many hours and while going to school at the same time. Despite being busy, I thought I had a pretty balanced academic life spring quarter. I managed to bake my own bread once a week, go running several times a week, get all my work done, and slept at least 7 hours a day. 

The Bahamas cruise was fun. It involved a lot of planning though. I guess my friends and I are just that kind of people. I had been thinking about going on a cruise ever since traveling Europe. Not sure it was our type of vacation though. I think it was too chill and we just all ended up eating a lot. But it was fun. Glad we went. 

I've been reading about the Chinese zodiac lately because next year is the year of the Rabbit. Several websites and sources have said that rabbits tend to be lucky people. So far, my luck has held out. I got my wish to go to Southeast Asia, something that I have been wanting to do for a while. Such an interesting region.  I'm also really glad I got to work on an interesting project that uses my skills as a civil engineer. I hope these projects keep coming my way. 

My summer concluded with flying around the world. It was one epic adventure. So now I'm making up for it by staying local this winter. The fall quarter was one hectic one. I attended two conferences and ran a half marathon. Helped out with the Indonesia project and now a Peru project. Took a structural engineering class and am really glad that I am not a structural engineer in real life.

As for what I'm doing after I graduate in three months, I've almost got it figure out. In short, I don't think I will be staying in the US for the first few years. Mostly likely going abroad and learning geotech in a more fast-paced construction environment. One of my friends at Stanford predicted this a month before I started hearing from potential employers. Still waiting for things to come through though.

I hope more of this luck will come my way in 2011. Happy New Year!

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Y said...

Baking bread??

Haha, I see you earned interest in your smartypig account. I was going to ask you if you know your plans for March yet (period right after you are done), whether you're staying around or will be in Asia around the same time. Only 2.5 more months!