Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where did the week go?

At some point today, I was shocked to realize that tomorrow is Thursday. If you're looking for that more thoughtful post that I promised, this is not it. Sorry. I also write when I'm stressed. I spent a good part of a lecture today making up my to-do list. Then, when I got out of class, I proceeded to do things that were not on the to-do list. I hate it when that happens but it always does.

I made food for my roommate and one of her friends the other day. And this other friend kept remarking how healthy all the food was. I had just cooked my usual meal of stir fry veggies, rice, and meat. The meat this time was salmon. I suppose it's all very healthy. Not sure what else I would be cooking up though. I think I eat a lot these days. I usually make a pretty big plate of food, mostly veggies. I don't actually eat that much rice (or not as much as I used to). Proportion-wise, I think I eat more meat during lunch if I make a sandwich than during dinner.

I had taken on the project of creating a wiki for the Indonesia project. It is a lot of work! I really want a space where there are organized files for the project. But I'm running into roadblocks just organizing my own files! I have a ton of files, some of which I've never read, not even sure what they are. So... lots of file management happening right now. The wiki itself is not even being worked on because the file organization structure will determine the wiki structure. And I'm finding that there are a lot of stuff that should be a part of the wiki and everything is screaming to be put onto the front page. But I can't overload the front page so... not sure what the best way to do all of this.

Speaking of ESW projects, we starting a project on seismic retrofits of schools in Peru. Really need to get going on this project. We're just planning the winter seminar right now, which will consists of mostly presentations from outside speakers. It will not be a very work intensive seminar for the participants. Not sure if this translates to more or less work for the organizers. Maybe we should make the participants do more work instead! haha! Also need to find someone to take on a leadership role for this project in the spring. Need to find someone worthy.... so hard to let go of these things...

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