Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Break!!

Haven't actually written about what I have been up to for a while. That's because I've been up to too much stuff!! Maybe I'll have time to catch up during this week of break. Well, this week of break is quickly turning into a week of not-break... Let me explain.

I've been trying to work part-time again at my last company this entire quarter. It's partially my fault for not pressing them but the paperwork just gotten done so I can work again. So I'm going to work Mon-Wed next week. I think I can only work for a total of about 6 weeks because my winter quarter schedule doesn't look like it can handle a part-time job. And it will be my last quarter at school so I should probably try to take advantage of being at school and audit classes, go to talks, etc. Anyways, I'll see how that goes. Part of me kind of wish I can just take a break since this quarter has been super busy. But I don't think I would mind having something to do over winter break.

Yalu came to visit last weekend! She had a ton of stuff planned for her "vacation" so we were quite busy. Hardly spent any time in my room the entire weekend. I went up to SF on Thursday and Friday. We had some ridiculous adventures in the city, involving buses, cars, and food. We basically spent an hour on Thursday failing to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. I should have known it would take forever. Actually, now that I think about it, there might have been faster ways to get to the bridge... Anyhow, we managed to get to the Art Museum, which I've always wanted to see up close. I had to go back to Stanford because I had class Friday morning.

Friday was ridiculous. One of my friends had an interview in the city so he took out a Zip Car and drove me up there. I found out about this earlier that week and realized this could work out very well for both of us. It ended up working out pretty well for me anyhow. I got a ride up to SF and bought some things that I've been meaning to buy at Borders and Ross. I felt like the whole trip was orchestrated by me. haha. After my friend finished his interview and I had done my shopping, we got the car out of the garage because the garage was costing us $3/hr. No one had any idea of where to go for dinner so we debated for a while. I suggested this buffet place but we couldn't find the price (it's $20.95 for a Friday dinner, btw). So then, I suggested the food truck festival.

This food truck festival took a while to get to but at least there was free parking. It was packed with people and food trucks, mostly selling tacos. There were tacos of all kinds, not just Mexican. But things were pretty small and pricey. In short, we did not eat enough for dinner and was coming up with some crazy ideas of what to do for dinner. The list included cooking back at my place, cooking at Javi's place, ordering pizza, there might have been something else. We settled on finding food in the "new Chinatown" near Javi's place. I don't know why we didn't do this in the first place... We got there kind of late. It was difficult to find parking but we managed. We ended up at this little Taiwanese place that served us more than enough food for a very good price. There's a lot more to this story but seeing that I haven't gotten to the weekend yet, I think I'll just keep going.

Stanford Splash has this past weekend. So we basically spent two days in the Main Quad, running around. The weather was great. I was really worried that it would rain. There was no rain plan. I think I'm becoming too old for this Splash thing. I don't mind helping out at reg or maybe teaching a class. But sticking around for the whole day is really tiring! I managed to come home with a collection of fruit though. There's always a ton of food at Splash. I really appreciate the fruit because I'm usually too cheap to buy fruit unless it's at the Milk Pail.

Yalu and I taught a class together. The class itself went well. But we had a small crisis. We got to our room and was waiting for the class inside to finish. But... it turns out they were in the middle of a 2 hour class. Somehow, our classes overlapped by an hour so we didn't have a room for the first hour. The classroom next door was empty and the teacher for that class was in there. He was teaching in an hour and let us use his room. We were going to move after an hour so that he can have his classroom back but we ended up swapping rooms instead. We also forgot to check out a VGA cable and he let us use the one he checked out. So basically, the crisis was a small one because we happened to meet this really nice guy who gave us his classroom and VGA cable. Didn't even managed to get his name...

I had every intention of escaping after teaching the class so that I can go back to my room and do some work, or at least laundry. But I ended up sticking around and went to dinner with a bunch of Splash people. We went to a fancy Indian buffet that wasn't too expensive. Yalu and I hung out a lot this weekend, which is good. I was worried that she would be doing LU stuff all weekend. On the way back from dinner, one of the people from Chicago, who I've never met before earlier that day, asked us who was older. I heard her the first time but was a bit shocked. Yalu answered that I was older but was oblivious to what she was implying. I couldn't think of any better way of clarifying this situation other than, "you know we're not related, right?" Naturally, Mshaw thought this whole situation was really funny.

I got roped into helping with lunch on Sunday. That was hard work. I think I got enough sun that day to last me for a while. I was really tired out from helping bring pizza from the Oval to the Quad and regulating the pizza line. So I didn't have very much energy to help Lena out with her palmistry class. Her class was really interesting. Some kids were more into it than others. I never knew that people's hands were so different. I guess it's not something I usually notice.

So after a weekend of ESP stuff, I switched over to taking care of some ESW stuff. I took my time finishing a homework for structural analysis. I am really glad I don't do structural analysis in real life. This stuff is so boring. Anyway, I think I could've done the homework in much less time. But I was feeling kind of burnt out this week. Too many things going on and not enough time to do them all properly.

Okay, need to go to sleep before I throw off my sleep schedule. I think I missed a few things about last weekend, including the frog in the apartment. But maybe Yalu will write about this. Uh, once she finishes with her Splash tour, that is.

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