Monday, November 15, 2010

Shooting Poverty - video competition

Very well done and interesting videos about poverty and armed violence around the world. I watched a couple of them and they are about regions of the world that I've never really thought about. It's amazing how we can ignore the rest of the world when we want to.

For my French speaking friends, the video titled: "Biggest Bang for your Buck" is about Burundi, a country that speaks French. The entire video is in French. Highly recommended.

For people who have been following Aung San Suu Kyi's release in Burma, the video titled "April 6th" is pretty interesting. It's about Manipur, a region in India that borders Burma (Myanmar). The video talks about how terrorists in Manipur is able to get access to weapons through Burma. The fact that they get a lot of Chinese weapons from Burma is no surprise but the availability of American weapons is something else. The US is supposedly not supporting the military regime there by having a ban on all investments in the country. So... how are US weapons getting there?

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yalu said...

In response to your last sentence.. sounds like iron man!