Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FEM at work

Oy, I seem to always find ways to keep myself busy. Instead of just sitting at home all of this week, I'm working again. Oakland is soo much closer to SF than Palo Alto! The commute is so short. No need to look up train times and rush to the train station. I am never living so far from work again. Kind of feels weird to be back at the same office. It feels like a lifetime ago that I was working there, last school year, before Indonesia. But I don't think my coworkers see it that way. I don't think it seems as long for them. Anyway, despite the holiday season, they seem to have lots of work for me to do.

I've been working on some finite element modeling at work. Now that I've had 1yr+ of finite element classes, things make more sense to me. But it's still frustrating to be sticking things into a black box. I wish I had someone to discuss FEM stuff with at work. My coworkers understand the soil parts of it but they can't help troubleshoot the mechanics modeling parts. Anyone from my program could have been so helpful. It always helps to talk to someone about problems.

Eating a lot of candy since I got home. My teeth have been annoying me lately though. I put on my retainers Saturday night and they made my teeth move a bit. I forgot that I usually have to switch between my different pairs of retainers to get my teeth to align properly. This takes a few nights. But now I'm home and didn't bring my retainers with me. So my teeth are just misaligned and it's super annoying.

Been home for a couple of days but still haven't had time to get cendol at the local Vietnamese shops. The lack of food options at Stanford always annoys me. I think for my first apartment, I want to be close to public transit, short commute to work, and near a Vietnamese sandwich shop. haha. That would be so perfect!

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Yalu said...

Yeah time definitely feels very different when you're working full time. I think when one gets used to a routine, they become less aware of their surroundings and everything meshes together. I remember in school the semesters were very distinct, although the middle always went by very quickly. 8 semesters, you know, and 3 summers, that's quite a lot. And now I've been working for 2 summers and 3 semesters already! Also when you do a lot of different things it seems to make time slow down.

I tried to live close to work and well, it didn't work out. Both in New York City and now I live a significant ways from work (almost 1.5 hours walking, closer to 1). Housing close to work always has such a premium. Living farther is much more affordable (now) and we get amenities (parking!) and last year I had roommates, so that's also another factor. Remember Sanya and her roommate both worked together and lived really close to work - though she paid a lot more than I did in rent. So sigh, good deals are hard to find. I suppose you could always work outside of the city but then you would have to drive to get anywhere. Now imagine, in the asparagus' voice: and are you prepared for that?

Yesterday morning I couldnt find my hairbrush at all...