Sunday, September 5, 2010

SEA Wrap Up Part 4: Taipei

I think I wrote quite a bit about my adventures in Taipei in a previous post. So I'll just post some pictures here and call it a day.

This is inside the Sun-Yet Sen Memorial. Wish I had time to look and read through all the exhibits. Some of the exhibits even have English. I really didn't have time to read it all. It really interesting though. I think most of the place is a big auditorium for special events. The actual exhibits are free. I didn't managed to find the historical exhibits for a while because I came through a side entrance.

This is inside the Taipei airport. They even have special resting spot where you can read about Taiwanese cultures, like the aboriginal people of Taiwan. This airport was definitely on par with the Singapore airport, minus the massage chairs. Maybe I just missed the massage chairs?
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This ends the SEA Wrap Up series. From now on, it will be back to "normal" life. I hope my readers will not be too disappointed. It's amazing how much people were reading this blog this past summer. I will certainly blog more about ongoing efforts with the ESW Padang project. So stay tuned if that's what you're here for.

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