Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to Reality

Haven't written much about being home because it doesn't seem like very much compared to all the activities of this past couple of months. Didn't want to disappoint my readers by going back to my lame real life. I think being away makes me feel like I need to go catch up with friends every time I come back. You don't feel a pressing need to get back in touch with people when they're always only an hour away, max. So I've been spending a lot of time meeting up with various people the past week, in addition to moving and unpacking.

I moved to a new apartment in Rains. This is part of the reason why I came back so quickly after leaving Padang. The other part is that I wanted to do this summer workshop next week. If I had gotten a ticket to come back later, I probably would have opted out of the workshop because I would want to spend a few more days at home.

Anyhow, moving was a long process. I nearly everything in boxes already so it really shouldn't have taken very long. But, just my luck, the days I was back at Stanford were some of the hottest days ever. I was also jetlagged so I felt tired during the afternoon hours. The first day of moving, I think I only managed to spend 2 or 3 hours moving all the boxes over. If I had more energy, I think I could have done it all in one day but I was exhausted.

So it's official, it was much easier to adjust to the time difference by changing time zones gradually. On the way to Padang, I stopped in NYC, UK, and Malaysia for 3 nights each before reaching Padang. The time differences were +3hrs, +5hrs, +7hrs, -1hr. Much easier to manage than half a day of time difference (-13hrs) on the way back.

I've met up with several people for lunch and dinner already. Really looking to more of these catching up sessions. It's good to hear about what other people have been up to. I guess I haven't been gone for very long but it certainly feels that way. Also I feel like once school starts, I will have very little spare time. Hard to have 2-3 hr lunch and/or dinner when I barely have time to sleep. Better sleep more this week...

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