Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumn Quarter 2010

Another school year is about to start! I suppose I should have spent some time cleaning up my bike so that I can use it tomorrow... Er... maybe I'll do that tomorrow morning? I've been so busy lately. That workshop really took up a lot of time. And now I'm working on a poster for ESW. There are a few things I have been meaning to write about but haven't had the time.

I did managed to go grocery shopping this morning though. Got a lot of food. Vegetables are so much cheaper than meat. I feel like I should be buying so much more veggies. I guess this is a good thing. Really enjoy making food and deciding what I want to eat. I mean, free food from BBQs and such is good and all, but it's just not the same. I think my cooking is better. ha!

Got a chance to do some running lately. Found a small dirt trail that goes through some neighborhoods west of campus. It's really nice! I want to do that again sometime. But I have to go slightly uphill, clockwise on Campus Drive to get there though. I've done so many counterclockwise runs on Campus Dr that running the other way seems weird. It is really nice to get a change of scenery though. I think this is very important. With old routes, you know what to expect and are tempted to stop because you know how much longer the path goes on. With new routes, the uncertainty keeps me going. I don't want to stop in case I get stuck in the middle of nowhere. 4 weeks until the half marathon! I want to do it in under 2hrs. Need to protein load.

8am class tomorrow! Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I think I will need to bring snacks.... Sorry that this post is so lame. I will have more interesting stuff very soon.

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