Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long and hot days

Only 10 blog posts (including this one) during the month of September?? This is unacceptable. I was looking over my blog earlier this week. Some months are more exciting than others. Can't believe I've had this thing going for three years now. Credits to my readers. Otherwise, my writing would just be lost in cyberspace.

Today is the one year anniversary of the September 30, 2009 earthquake in Padang, Indonesia. I think the city was planning to have an evacuation drill to commemorate the event and to raise tsunami evacuation preparedness. Hopefully they managed to get that going. Did you know you can get email notifications from USGS about earthquakes? You can set your region and magnitudes of earthquakes you want to hear about. There were two big earthquakes 6.2 and 7.2 Mw near Papua yesterday. A tsunami alert was raised and then canceled. Don't think there was much damage because the area is sparsely populated.

Yesterday was the longest day on campus so far. I got up at 7am for an 8am class and stayed on campus until midnight. Had class in the morning, until around noon. One of my professors didn't show up. I wonder what happened. We still haven't gotten an email about it. I hope that class is still happening because I need to units. Went to a SWE lunch after that. The pizza was pretty good. Cleaned up my office in Blume a bit and worked on homework in there for a while. Went over to Y2E2 and worked on some more homework.

The evening was all ESW stuff. During undergrad, I did a lot of ESP stuff. Now we're just moving down the alphabet. There was an ESW general meeting where we introduced the organization, talked about events, introduced the officers, and the summer interns talked a bit about what they did over the summer. The president sent out an email earlier this week asking for 2 slides for each team. We sent in our 2 slides and talked for our allotted 5 minutes. I think we confused everyone as to what the project involved. The other teams had more slides and more talking. Apparently they didn't get the memo... But it's okay since we're giving a longer presentation on just our project tonight (Thursday).After the meeting, we stayed in Y2E2 and worked on that presentation and other ESW stuff until midnight. I was really tired by 9pm but we managed to finish the presentation. I should make sure everything works beforehand...

ESW national conference next week. Going to the midwest. Exciting.... I don't think I have any friends out there so it's much more difficult to find a place to stay. It's no problem finding a place to crash in big cities like SF, Boston, NYC. But Indiana is different story. Not even sure I can identify the place on a map... I really need to travel the US. 

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Lauren said...

i actually started getting those usgs earthquake emails (for indonesia) at the beginning of summer. i would see them in my mail and be like oh god i hope they're okay, then read the article and find out there weren't any tsunamis or it was too far away.

i'm pretty sure my mom signed up for them the moment i landed in california, haha.