Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I bought 2 bottles of sunscreen last weekend. This is my biggest sunscreen purchase in years. I really can't remember when was the last time I actually went to a store to buy sunscreen. There are all these new terms now like "helioplex" and "PA+++". I swear these things didn't exist back when I still took time to look at sunscreen labels. It hasn't been as hot lately but the past few days has been really sunny. I just felt the need to get good sunscreen and put it on religiously throughout the day. I currently own 3 big bottles of sunscreen. 

I have successfully kept track of all my expenses in the month of June. Well, with the exception of the Singapore trip, which I am just counting as one lump sum. I used to use Mint.com to keep track of all my accounts but then moving to Hong Kong happened and I now have too many accounts everywhere. So I used the free time I have nowadays at site and at home to put together a spreadsheet to track expenses and all my accounts. I was inspired by our spreadsheets at site to keep track of construction progress. We put a lot of time into making our spreadsheets do everything for us at site so I figured that I should really spend just as much (if not more) time making something that could do that for my finances. 

I also decided that I really should have a budget but in order to do that, I would really need to have a good feel for my expenses throughout the month. I think I've done pretty well at guessing my expenses for a month. Except the "Food" vs. "Dining Out" gets a little fuzzy at times. I think it's pretty clear that you're "dining out" when you're eating at a proper restaurant. But what about takeout? Or bread for breakfast? You can get really nice pastries or fried noodles for breakfast here and I think it's cheaper to eat out for breakfast than to buy cereal and milk. 

I've spent basically all of last weekend at the office working on a research project. It's really good to have a long stretch of uninterrupted time to do work and think. I am starting to see how people can do research for a living. While I think this is nice, I really don't think I can actually do it for a living. I kind of wish I have a couple of weeks to work on the project straight through. We have a lot of downtime at site but it's not uninterrupted so that makes it hard to concentrate.

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yalu said...

I finally used up my bottle of sunscreen! Now 2 more to go..