Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another weekend

Okay, it's official. Having a TV is a huge distraction and time waster. I think the problem is that you can just turn it on and flip through the channels and settle on watching something. In the tragic event that there is nothing on, you can settle on the news channel and watch the daily dose of news until there is something interesting on. For example, I just watched Monsters Inc. on TV. If I didn't have a TV and wanted to watch Monsters Inc, I would have had to find it online or on my iPad. That takes planning and initiative. By the time I get through just thinking about the logistics, I probably would have settled on doing something else, like cleaning the house or something else productive. 

Went into the office again today and tried to get a model running before I went to work on the presentation for next Wednesday. Our client is visiting the site. He's one of the richest people in HK and everyone is going crazy about this visit. The contractor has been doing a lot more housekeeping to make the place decent looking. And apparently he's interested in hearing a technical presentation about the site. At first, I really didn't think he would be interested in the hardcore technical details so I made some graphics heavy slides and was proceeding with putting lots of photos on the slides when we found out that he actually likes technical stuff. 

I basically spent all day on this presentation. I guess it's good that we're getting some good slides made since we haven't really made very many presentations for this project. There are so many aspects of it and I'm sure we'll need them later on. I should really keep a good collection of presentations for my projects.

I went back to Sham Shui Po afterwards to check mail again and found a check from my previous wifi company. I've been expecting this check for a while so it's good to finally get it. It's a small amount but at least I don't have a constant nagging in the back of my head to go check that mailbox anymore. I also found a letter from BD in the mailbox. I opened it to see what the charges are and it basically lists a few things are "seem" to be out of order, including illegal expansion of the unit onto the "roof" of the ground floor level. The expansion comprises mainly the first two units. I lived in the second one. Good thing I moved out. I wanted to take photo of the letter but the security dude was there so I didn't want to look too suspicious. 

I wanted to do a little shopping for sports shirts and pants because I need more for site. I was debating whether or not to go all the way out to the Tung Chung outlets when I spotted a shop that sold sports clothing near the SSP MTR station. Totally forgot about these stores that sell cheap clothing! I got a couple of shirts and a pair of pants. Hope they work out and last the next couple of months. So that saved me a trip all the way out to Tung Chung. It would have costed $23 to get back from Tung Chung! I think I need to explore the Island more instead of relying on places in Kowloon and Lantau. 

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