Sunday, July 14, 2013

FB Newsfeed

Lately I have gotten a lot of my news firsthand from Facebook's news feed. It started with the Boston bombings, then the Asiana flight, and now the Zimmerman case. I opened the FB app on my phone to find that a lot of people have posted things about these news, whether it is to say that they are okay or an outcry at the event. It's interesting because I guess I (and probably many other people) are subscribed to FB more than they are to the news. If you're just going about your life, you might not necessarily have time to pick up the paper or watch the news.

Today was not very productive. My model for the research project is not working for some reason. And they cleaned the pantry tank again in the morning. I knew this and went into the office later in the day but the smell still lingered around and the office felt stuffy. I left after not being able to get things to work and decided to take the MTR to North Point and walk back home just to explore that part of the neighborhood a bit more. I only walked on the main street and didn't find anything interesting. Just the usual mix of stores. But it was a nice walk. I feel like I should get to know the eastern side of HK Island more.

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