Sunday, April 21, 2013

Parents visiting (post event entry)

Taking breaks between studying to update the blog. There are some things I just haven't had time to write about. Right after I moved to the new place, my parents and brother flew into HK. Their flight arrived early morning and they booked ferry tickets to go back to Zhongshan. This ferry starts at the Sheung Wan ferry terminal and then at the airport before going to Zhongshan. So I got on the ferry in Sheung Wan and met them on the ferry. The ferry was really empty so everything worked out. I stayed in Zhongshan for the day and we had dinner with the whole family. I guess we didn't do too much that day. Glad I have a multiple entry visa for China. The visa expires in June so I should really take advantage of it before it expires again.

That next week was a short week as we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off. I had planned to get on an early morning ferry that Friday to go to Zhongshan again. I got to the ferry terminal and found a madhouse. Forgot how HK people tend to move around a lot during public holidays. I still managed to get on a morning ferry but had to buy first class, which wasn't exciting at all. They served snacks and I think the seats were a little bit bigger. I would have rather slept the entire way than to be woken up for the snacks. I don't know why people always think they are doing me a favor by waking me up. Anyhow, I hung out with family again that day and my mom and brother came back to HK with me the next day.

It rained a lot that Saturday. We still managed to walk around Sham Shui Po a bit, bought a few things, and even had snake soup at the old place. We stuck to the Island side on Sunday and did more shopping and eating before seeing them off to the airport at night. Apparently taking a taxi from the new place to the airport is more expensive since we have to go through a tunnel. There are three tunnels connecting Kowloon and HK Island. The West tunnel is usually free of traffic but costs a lot to go through. The Hung Hom tunnel is cheap but almost always has traffic. The East tunnel is just too much out of the way that I've only gone through it once. Anyway, there is an airport bus from Tin Hau station for a more cost efficient option.

I had a weekend to myself before more craziness began. I think I'll write about that in a later post. Need to get on with studying.

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