Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Year of the Snake

We get Monday to Wednesday off this week for the Lunar New Year. The contractor told me that they would be getting off at 4pm on Saturday so that everyone can go home early. And then right after lunch, people started packing up and leaving. It's funny how things work sometimes. It's the workers who are driving the program. If they say that they are leaving, then they are leaving. There's nothing the management people can do at that point. Anyway, everyone was super eager to leave so I left with them. I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around the island and went to the flower market with a friend later that night. There were a crazy amount of people and tons of different kinds of junk on sale.

I didn't do much on the first day of Lunar New Year. I hung around my apartment and skyped with people in the morning. Then I did a good amount of cleaning. Didn't managed to do any cleaning beforehand. Although I was smart and took my clothes to wash before the big cleaning day. I went to pick up my clothes on Friday night and my usual laundry place was just swamped. It is run by this couple and the lady said that she doesn't think they'll be sleeping that night. I think it happens every year.

I ventured out to one of the temples in Wong Dai Sin. It was packed with people. They set up this really long path for people to walk so that the actual temple is not crowded. I swear it too nearly half an hour to walk through the maze just to get into the temple. The up side is that there is no waiting, just a lot of walking. I was overwhelmed by the amount of things you can pray to. I didn't stay out for long and just went back to the apartment after that.

I met up with some people for lunch on Monday and then some of us went to hike the Peak Trail. The actual Peak Trail is not exciting at all since it is all flat and just goes around the Peak. But the girls I was with suggested that we walk up to the Peak. I was looking forward to this part because it's a semi adventure to find the right road and it would be uphill. We found the path pretty easily although the two girls kept wanting to consult their smartphones. This is one of the reasons why I don't want the convenience of a smartphone. I would rely on it too much instead of just figuring things out as I go along. I mean, we saw a road on a map that is named "Old Peak Road", how obvious could it be? Anyway, Old Peak Rd was pretty tough as the climb was pretty steep. I found that I'm in much better shape now that I've been on site for a month. I think the two girls were done after we got up to the Peak. We went for ice cream and we ended up doing the Peak Trail as well. We took a cab back down after waiting for the wrong bus. The cab driver kept hitting the brakes on the way down so I was feeling a bit sick by the time we got to the bottom. I treated myself to tandoori chicken when I got back to Sham Shui Po. An Indian place just opened recently and they were one of the only restaurants open so they were getting a lot of business. Their food looks good so I definitely want to try out their other selections.

I am officially starting to study for the rest of my PE exam, the surveying part. Reprinted some references and practice exams. I actually already have quite a bit of study material. I just didn't manage to go through all of them last time. Anyway, I think I'll be okay this time since I know what to expect.

I've been thinking about taking the LEED exam too but I really have no clue about green design at all. I think that exam involves a lot of reading and memorization, which I think I prefer over doing actual calculations. I feel so lazy these days. Don't even want to have to touch my calculator. But looking at the Prometrics website, it turns out that I can take that exam in HK. Don't even have to go back to the US for it.

Going on another hike tomorrow. Will post some pictures tomorrow night.

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